Symbiotic Design for Cyber Physical Systems (DARPA)

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Abstract: Cyber physical systems (CPS) are instrumental to current and future Department of Defense (DoD) mission needs – unmanned vehicles, weapon systems, and mission platforms are all examples of military-relevant CPS. CPS design is a complex endeavor that involves many domains – from cyber (e.g., software, control, computing, and communication) to physical (e.g., structural, mechanical, thermal, etc.) to manufacturing – and upwards of hundreds of domain-specific tools orchestrated by large teams of engineers with extensive domain knowledge and subject matter expertise. The goal of the Symbiotic Design for CPS (SDCPS) program is to develop AI-based approaches to enable correct-by-construction design of military-relevant CPS. SDCPS seeks to reduce the time from CPS inception to deployment from years to months, and enhance innovation in design.

Susmit Jha
Susmit Jha
Technical Director, NuSCI

My research interests include artificial intelligence, formal methods, machine learning and dynamical systems.